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    Past Examination Papers

Module Module name Year
MA1061 Probability 2002-2003
MA1061 Probability 2003-2004
MA1101 Proof and logical structures 2003-2004
MA1102 Algebraic Structures and Number Systems 2003-2004
MA1102 Algebraic Structures and Number Systems 2004-2005
MA1102 Algebraic Structures and Number Systems 2005-2006
MA1102 Algebraic Structures and Number Systems 2006-2007
MA1151 Introductory Real Analysis 2002-2003
MA1151 Introductory Real Analysis 2003-2004
MA1152 Introductory Linear Algebra 2003-2004
MA2021 Differential Equations And Dynamics 2003-2004
MA2081 Methods of Applied Mathematics II 2003-2004
MA2102 Linear Algebra 2002-2003
MA2102 Linear Algebra 2003-2004
MA2111 Algebra I 2003-2004
MA2111 Algebra I 2004-2005
MA2111 Groups and Rings 2005-2006
MA2121 Linear Analysis 2003-2004
MA2161 Algebra II 2003-2004
MA2161 Algebra II 2004-2005
MA2161 Modules and Canonical Forms 2005-2006
MA2201 Introductory Statistics 2002-2003
MA2201 Introductory Statistics 2003-2004
MA2261 Linear Statistical Models 2002-2003
MA2261 Linear Statistical Models 2003-2004
MA3011 Applied Numerical Mathematics 2003-2004
MA3131 Group Theory 2003-2004
MA3131 Group Theory 2004-2005
MA3131 Group Theory 2005-2006
MA3151 Topology 2003-2004
MA3151 Topology 2004-2005
MA3151 Topology 2005-2006
MA3201 Generalized Linear Models 2002-2003
MA3201 Generalized Linear Models 2003-2004
MA4021 Wavelets and Signal Processing 2003-2004
MA4041 Methods in Molecular Simulation 2003-2004
MA4141 Representations of Algebras 2002-2003
MA4151 Lie Algebras 2003-2004