Principal manifolds
for data cartography and dimension reduction


August 24-26, 2006,

Michael Atiyah Building,

Lecture room 119

Leicester University,
Leicester, UK


The Program


The first day, 24.08.2006, Thursday


9:30 Registration and coffee


10:20 Opening


10:30 11:20 Balazs Kegl

A general overview of manifold learning, presenting the achievements of the last ten years and the challenges of future research. PRESENTATION


11:30 12:20 Boris Mirkin

Principal cluster analysis methods in different settings PRESENTATION


12:30 14:00



14:00 14:50 Joachim Selbig

Integrated analysis of metabolite, gene expression, and other profile data: Missing value estimation, dimension reduction, clustering, and classification PRESENTATION


15:00 15:50 Andrei Zinovyev

Elastic maps with applications in bioinformatics PRESENTATION


16:00 16:20 Coffee


16:20 17:00 Rodolphe Sepulchre

Optimization on manifolds and ICA algorithms PRESENTATION


17:10 17:50 David Elizondo

Geometrical approaches for Artificial Neural Networks PRESENTATION


The second day, 25.08.2006, Friday


9:30 10:20 Alois Steindl and Hans Troger

Invariant manifolds in the dimension reduction for fluid conveying tubes PRESENTATION


10:30 11:10 Stephane Girard

Auto-associative models and generalized principal component analysis PRESENTATION


11:10 11:30 Coffee


11:30 12:20 Steven B. Damelin

A talk on dimension reduction and its connections to Paley Weiner theorems in scattering and imaging PRESENTATION


12:30 14:00 Lunch


14:00 14:50 Colin Fyfe

A family of topology preserving mappings for data visualisation PRESENTATION


15:00 15:50 Hujun Yin

Self-organising maps for data visualisation and principal manifold mapping PRESENTATION


16:00 16:20 Coffee


16:20 17:10 Liz Stuart

An Overview of Visualization Techniques for the Analysis of Large Datasets PRESENTATION


17:10 18:00 Jochen Einbeck

Local principal curves PRESENTATION


19:00 Conference dinner


The third day, 26.08.2006, Saturday


9:30 10:20 Donald Wunsch

Cluster analysis technique and dimension reduction approaches PRESENTATION


10:30 11:20 Uwe Kruger

Development and Application of Nonlinear PCA for Fault Diagnosis in Internal Combustion Engines PRESENTATION


11:20 11:40 Coffee


11:40 12:30 Ludger Evers

A simple algorithm for piecewise linear approximation to principal manifolds and its application to regression modelling PRESENTATION


12:40 13:30 Alexander Gorban

Topological grammars for data analysis PRESENTATION


13:30 14:20 Lunch


14:20 - General discussion and Workshop closing