International conference



Modelling Biological Evolution 2017: Developing Novel Approaches


University of Leicester (UK), April 4th -7th, 2017


Main Organiser Andrew Morozov (University of Leicester, UK)



Mathematical modelling is a powerful, efficient and ethically justifiable tool for exploring various aspects of biological evolution and adaptation in biosystems ranging from biomolecules to human societies. Currently, new mathematical and computational approaches are being rapidly developed to allow us to cope with the existing and newly emerging challenges. The aim of this meeting is to bring together a number of leading researchers who are constructing and/or implementing novel mathematical and computational approaches in modelling biological evolution based on game theory (including adaptive dynamics), optimisation, system complexity reduction, reinforcement learning, networks modelling, data mining, agent-based simulation and their combinations. Intensive debates are planned to discuss the universality of newly developed approaches to tackle various aspects of biological evolution, which might go well beyond the initial area of implementation of the suggested methods. This meeting will be as well an open forum for interaction between theoreticians and empirical biologists with the main goal to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and stimulate further advances in developing new mathematics to improve our undemanding of biological evolution and adaptation.